Throwback Thursday – Matt’s 23rd Birthday 2010

Back in 2010, Matt and I had been dating for about a year and I wanted to make him a special birthday cake for his 23rd.  At the time we spent a lot of our time playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 (the best Wii game ever!!) and i wanted to make him a Super Mario cake!

This was (at that time) the biggest birthday cake i had ever made. I spent one whole evening cutting out the figures for the cake and all the decorations to glue to the sides. I loved this cake and even though it was my first attempt at a ‘novelty’ cake, it is still to this day my favourite.



Throwback Thursday – Softie baby boy security blanket

There are two reasons why i love making baby things, 1. They’re smaller, easier and quicker to make than standard sewing / knitting projects and; 2. They’re so cute!

This is one of my recent makes, which was more of an experiment which turned out pretty well. When i went to the Festival of Quilts this summer, i bought this baby blue fabric with this snugly soft fabric. I wanted to make a small blanket which is about large enough to cover a pram.

To make this blanket i cut large equal sizes of the blue fabric, the soft fabric and some wadding. I also cut a long strip about 4 inches wide of the blue fabric for the edge frill, which i folded in half lengthways and pressed. When sewing the fabric wrong sides facing, i included the border fabric strip in the middle and and ruffled this up as i sewed around the edge.  I left a gap about 6 inches on one side to fold the blanket the right way round and then pressed. You can’t see from the photo but i’m yet to sew this up!!

My boyfriend’s aunt is having a baby soon so i very much hope it will be a boy as i would like to give her this as a present.

I love the final piece and have enough snugly fabric left to make another one, maybe one suitable for a baby girl next time! You will probably see this soon.

I haven’t seen the snugly fabric sold in many places and could only find about 2 stalls at the Festival of Quilts that sold it so hopefully i’ll have more luck finding some next time.

image-16 image-18


I’m going to Lille… city break make!

Every time i go away, i always wish i had taken the time to make a passport holder. This evening i was itching to use my sewing machine so i thought that it would be a perfect little project to spend an hour or so on.

After rummaging through my box of fabric, i settled on this cute bird cage/floral pattern and a polka dot blue.  These were actually left over pieces from some bunting my mum made last year.

image-25 image-21

I didn’t have a pattern to follow so first of all i measured by passport and cut out some paper an inch larger than the passport.  I then doubled this in size for the fabric so that i could create a booklet holder.

I also cut out a small piece lengthways which would act as the front of the pocket for the passport.

I really made this up as i went along, the pink trim along the top of the pocket i added in once i folded the pocket over to press, i thought it looked good.  I also put a layer of thin wadding within the holder to give it a bit of cushioning.  Once i had turned it inside out i decided to sew around the outside just to give it a little border.

image-19 image-24

I also added a piece of elastic so i could keep it closed, although i did end up adding it on the wrong side! oops! thats what you get for making it up as you go along.


I do really like it anyway and it will fit nicely in my handbag on my trip to Lille later this year 🙂

I was listening to Taylor Swift’s new album ‘1989’ whilst i was making this passport holder.

p.s. apologies for the dark photos! It’s getting dark about 5pm now!

An introduction to my creative mind

As anyone else with an obsession for making things will know, there is never enough time to make what you have planned, but always enough time to add more projects to that plan! This results in having a huge stash of fabric, wool, craft equipment, books and unfinished projects. To start with, this is part of my craft room! Luckily, i have a very understanding boyfriend that works from home in a 10 by 4 foot office and gave up our other spare (double bedroom size) room for me to store all my crafting equipment.


As you will see with the amount of pieces of fabric, ribbons, scissors etc i have lying around my house, I live in organised chaos. My first love was knitting! I grew up with a mum that also loved to knit, and when my best friends baby sister was born i knitted my very first teddy bear at the age of 9.  Throughout my teen years, i didn’t do too much, but four years ago when my boyfriends aunt had a baby girl, i attempted my very first baby cardigan. Since then i have knitted dozens of pieces (mainly baby items) and will no doubt knit many more. Well… i think i will need to in order to get rid of this box of wool i have accumulated.


When i was at school, my favourite subject by far was Art and i ended up doing this at college too… before it being ditched by International Business Studies when i went on to University. I have a small collection of paints and pencils which i hardly use, i tend to enjoy making things more now but i will occasionally pick up a pencil and draw.


As anyone who knows someone like me, i can tell you know that there is nothing better for a present than a book with lots of projects to admire and dream of making. I think out of all my books i have probably made about 2 things, but i have plans for many more! I promise!


A couple of years ago, my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. Since then, i have accumulated a collection of beautiful fabrics.  These include fabrics from the Cath Kidston store, my local Sewing Cafe, Ebay and the Festival of Quilts.  I have a small collection of fabric with William Morris prints which are by far my favourite, i have yet to decide what to use these for, but for now they will be safety stored away.


Finally, this is my box of cake decorating equipment! I love baking and have a small collection of baking books. Last year i even achieved a diploma in SugarCraft from the amazing Cake Art Creations. I learnt so much about cake decorating and got expand my knowledge on a much loved past time.


The retro stool project

Having recently bought my own house, I’m always on the look out for little nick nacks and pieces of furniture to clutter it up. The other week i went to my boyfriend’s parent’s house and saw a little stool in their skip which they were throwing out. Straight away i asked them if i could take it as i wanted to give some life back to little piece. Originally the stool was from ikea and consists of a plastic frame and a cushion which fastens to the top with velcro.


The cushion was loose as the velcro had come detached from the base and the cushion was torn and had paint stains on it.

image-1 image-3

I imagined painting the base and reupholstering the cushion to reattach to the top. Firstly i went through my stash fabric which i have collected over the past couple of years since receiving a sewing machine for Christmas. I found this really nice retro fabric which i brought from the Festival of Quilts (in Birmingham, U.K.) and thought it would be perfect for the stool. Once i decided what fabric i would use, i matched up a colour from the fabric and brought some paint for the base. I used PlastiKote ‘Project Enamel’ spray paint in cream, this apparently works on wood, metal and most plastics and is for use on craft projects…perfect! Just what i needed! The paint came in 100ml cans so for an even cover on the stool i used 3 cans.

image-8 image-7

Once the base was dry, i cut out a large circle of fabric, about 4 inches larger than the base of the cushion. Luckily, there was already a fabric cover on the cushion which has an elasticated band keeping it in place. In order to attach my new fabric, i just folded the fabric under the cushion and round the elastic and stitched in place. This was really simple and doesn’t need to be neat as no one will see it!


You can see the final piece below! i absolutely love it and its just what i imagined creating when i saw that discarded stool in that skip.  I think its really cute and the retro theme of the fabric goes really well in my kitchen. This was my first attempt of ‘upcycling’ and i will definitely give it another go, even though, with the retro fabric, the stool actually looks older than it did when i started. Oh well, i love it!

image-2 image-6